About me

I am passionate about improving the effectiveness of software development teams. From working with me, more than a hundred project teams have become more productive, been more reliable, and had more fun.

As mentor, technical lead, manager, author or consultant, I deliver. Whether the need is for team agreement, technical change management, software architecture or improved processes, my engaging approach and positive drive get the results needed.

I helped introduce object-oriented and agile methods to the UK; was technical lead for the world’s first smartphone; and led a company providing outsourced app development for fifteen years. That company, Penrillian, was praised both for effective delivery of superb software and for being a great place to work. My book, Small Memory Software, is the only general purpose guide for people working with software memory limitations.

I am currently based near England’s Lake District, and working with one of Britain’s top academic Software Security teams. We’re creating techniques to help software developers to create the secure software we need for the 21st century. Click below to find out more.

Developer Security Essentials, in person and online

Developer Security Essentials
Workshops for Consultants to Help Developers Engage with Security

My research

Workshop Materials and Online book: The Secure Development Handbook

Printed and online book: Small Memory Software