Making your computer systems work together

Are your computer systems stressed? When a successful small company has been running for several years, you end up with different departments, each running the best software for themselves, but not integrated with each other. It’s expensive: staff spend a lot of time coordinating the different systems. It’s also a problem: the errors can irritate and lose customers.

You could replace the all the systems with an all-singing all-dancing, frighteningly, expensive system. Or you could come to me.

I understand software, and I also understand saving money as a company. I specialise in working with everyone already involved and empowering your own developers and IT specialists.

I use many different ways of tying software systems together. Some need little pieces of software that work in the cloud, some plug in to web browsers or spreadsheets, some may be instructions for staff to carry out quickly. All have to be carefully tailored to your own needs.

This ‘lightweight systems integration’ approach solves your problems, appeals to staff who get to keep the systems they understand, and costs little. Perhaps it might keep you going indefinitely, perhaps just until company changes force a new system.

Call me now, and we’ll discuss it. I offer free initial consultancy.